For a throughly
Modern Women

Legacy Silks &
Modern Aesthetics

With the divinity of
traditional kandchipuram silks

At Pacchiyappas, we pride ourselves for keeping alive the rich artistic heritage of our beautiful country. Bringing you pure silk sarees, kanchipuram silks, tissue silk, signature pieces, and more. With a myriad of colour combinations, intricate motifs and lustrous zari, our collections dazzle with oodles of panache.

Handcrafted luxury with the touch of elegance

Curated from traditional craftsmen and weavers, our silks are an epitome of fine clothing. Hand-woven zari motifs, intricate designs, detailed embroidery, and so much more...


The best in Kanchipuram

Our carefully selected Kanchipuram silks are marked for their superior quality and authentic designs. Today we cater to a large client base, both in India and internationally.

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