Taking care of Silk

Wash, dry & iron your pure silks the right way.

For first three washes, dry cleaning is advisable for silks.
If ever silk is washed in water, ensure it is washed in soft lukewarm water using a good neutral soap only.
Squeeze lightly with hand to remove water after washing.
Always dry the silk in shade only on a flat surface instead of hangers.
Use low / medium heat while ironing.
Always iron silk on the reverse side.
Never spray water to dampen silk before ironing as it may cause water spots on fabric.
Do not wash stains with water, instead give it for dry cleaning.

Advantages of Wearing Silks

Silk is a soft, luxurious textile that is both versatile & durable.

Absorbent properties of silk help stay cool in summers.

Excellent thermal properties of silk help stay warm in winters.

Silk has impressive hygroscopic properties, making it suitable to wear in any climate.

Low density of silk makes it light and comfortable to wear.

Antistatic properties of silk make it skin friendly and safe.

Suppleness aided by resilience and elasticity of silk, gives it an excellent drapeability.

Be alert while buying Silks

The high demand for silk has led to serious distortions and malpractices in the silk value chain. Adulteration with lookalike fibres like Nylon, Rayon, Polyester, etc., which may be hardly 10% of the cost of pure silk, is rampant. It is very difficult for the consumers to detect the same and these products are passed on as pure silk, thus depriving "the consumers the real value" and "the livelihood of the stakeholders."
India took the lead by launching Silk Mark with twin objectives of Consumer Promotion of silk. Thus the Silk Mark Label, for assurance of pure silk, came into existence and has become the only quality assurance mark for silks across the world. It is advised that whenever you buy silk, ensure it carries the Silk Mark Label as it is the only assurance of purity of silk.

Pachaiyappas is a member of the Silk Mark Organisation of India
Membership #SMOI/2004/962

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